Ultra Low VF Bridges (Green)

Introducing PANJIT’s latest Ultra-Low VF Bridge Rectifier Series. With ultra-low forward voltage and minimal leakage current, it ensures optimal performances and efficiency. Compliance with EU RoHS 2.0 and halogen-free standards, these qualities make it the eco-conscious choice for high-power applications. It’s not just a bridge rectifier, it’s a step towards a greener tomorrow!

PANJIT’s New Ultra-Low VF Bridge Series: Optimizing Power Efficiency and Reliability

RNCP Series High Power Anti-Sulfur Thin Film Chip Resistor

RALEIGH, NC (Oct 24, 2023) – Thin film chip resistors are utilized more often for modern electronic designs due to their exceptional precision and stability.  However, thin film technology is usually more expensive and limited in power ratings offered.  Stackpole’s RNCP series chip resistors utilize high volume thin film technology to provide cost-effective chip resistors that are anti-sulfur per EIA-977 and offer excellent performance and reliability under a wide range of environmental conditions.  The RNCP is an excellent choice for applications such as automotive controls, industrial automation, marine electronics, and communications and networking devices.

The RNCP is available in sizes of 0402 to 2512 in a wide range of value, tolerance, and TCR options.  Pricing for the RNCP varies with size, resistance value, tolerance and TCR.  Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributor partners for specific or volume pricing.  Many popular values and sizes are in stock.

Reinforced Thermal Interface Thin Film

Reinforced Thermal Film for Die-Cutting

Carteret, NJ —July 19, 2018— Sarcon® 15GTR from Fujipoly® is a thin, thermal interface composite film made from heat-conducting silicone and a .05mm fiberglass reinforcement layer. The general-purpose, .15mm thick film is ideal for applications with complex die-cut shapes. The material delivers a thermal conductivity of 0.9 W/m•K while exhibiting a thermal resistance of .51°C•in2/W when placed between a heat-generating component and a nearby heatsink.

Sarcon® 15GTR is a V-0 flame retardant material that is best suited for applications with operational temperatures ranging from -40°C to +150°C. The thin-film is offered in rolls up to 300mm in width or can be die-cut to fit your unique application.