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RoHS is a European environmental directive which restricts the use of six specific hazardous substances in any electronic devices which are exported to Europe after July 1, 2006.

Utech Electronic’s efforts with regard to RoHS will be as follows:

  1. Provide the most up to date information as to our manufacturers’ RoHS initiatives.
  2. Keep customers informed of any changes to manufacturers’ part numbers.
  3. Assist in the management of transitioning to compliant inventory.

RoHS Information by Manufacturer

Abracon RoHS Compliance by Product

Adamtech RoHS Announcement

Aleph (not yet available)

API Delevan RoHS Compliance

Aromat (Panasonic)



Central Semiconductor Central’s RoHS Intiative

Chip Technologies

CTS (not yet available)

EPT RoHs with EPTti

E-Switch RoHS Compliance at E-Switch



Fastron RoHS Directive

Ferraz Shawmut

IMS Connector (not yet available)

Johanson Dielectric

Johanson Manufacturing (not yet available)

JST (not yet available)

Kingbright (not yet available)



Mechatronics (not yet available)

Methode RoHS Plan

Micro Commercial

Micro Crystal RoHS Compliance

NEC (not yet available)

Nemco RoHS from Nemco Product Line

NIC RoHS Compliance

Noble (not yet available)

Novacap Compliance Policy

QVS (not yet available)

Samsung (not yet available)

Samtec - Application Information - Lead Free Initiative

Samtec - Product Information - Material Declaration

Spectrum RoHS Compliance Plan

Stackpole SEI RoHS Status

Steward RoHS Compliance Statement from Steward

Syfer RoHS Product Compliance from Syfer

Synsemi (not yet available)


Thin Film Technology

Tocos RoHS Product Compliance

Transducers (not yet available)

UMEC (not yet available)

Valpey Fisher (not yet available)

Weco (not yet available)

World Products (not yet available)


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