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Kycon Now Offers PCI Express® Edge Card Products

Kycon Products
San Jose, CA – Kycon takes connectors to the edge with PCI Express® Edge Card products: Introducing the KPCIEX Series. The KPCIEX Series is available as a 1.0 mm pitch that enables accurate scaling of peripheral bus interconnections to
match the bandwidth requirements of PCs, servers, workstations and graphic applications.

The KPCIEX product family includes a series of six edge connectors, with one to 32 high-speed serial PCI Express® lanes, each matching different bandwidth capabilities. Each serial lane is comprised of two differential wire pairs that support 2.5 Gb/s data rate in each direction.

The series offers the standard 36, 64, 98 and 164 pin connectors, as well as 230 and 280 pin versions. Each connector size is available in three different termination tail lengths of 2.3 mm, 2.54 mm and 3.0 mm.

Kycon continues to offer a complete quality connector product line, including customized solutions, while maintaining world-class services and support that has consistently earned them Bishop’s top-rankings for customer satisfaction.

For more information or to build your product part number, please visit Kycon’s website

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