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Kycon Expands Line of SMT Stereo Jacks

San Jose, CA – Imagine designing even smaller, thinner, and higher-functioning portable audio equipment, cell phones and digital still cameras. Kycon offers their support by expanding their line of audio jacks to include more surface mount versions; the STX-25xxx and STX-35xxx series in 2.5mm and 3.5mm diameter.

Each new series offer different options that comply with EIA standards. The STX-25xxx is available in a 4-pole or 6-pole version (4-pin – 7-pin option) while the STX-35xxx is offered in a 2-pole, 3-pole, or 4-pole version (3-pin – 5-pin option). The series measures as low as 2.8mm, contributing to space-savings for smaller and thinner product design possibilities. The entire line offers reliability from Kycon’s stringent quality control, and the end-user will hear the difference in the long-run.

These additional SMT stereo jacks follow recently released 3.5mm vertical stereo jacks – the STX-3680 and STX-3790. Both series are available as a 3-pole, 5-pin jack, while the STX-3680 is also available in a 6-pin option that allows for higher performance in applications such as car audio and navigation equipment.

Kycon continues to turn up the volume against the competition, achieving #2 Bishop ranking for customer satisfaction for three years and running. While continually broadening their product line, including customized solutions, Kycon maintains clear focus on quality, while upholding world-class service and support.

For more information or to build your product part number, please visit Kycon’s website at

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