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1000W AC-DC Power Supply Includes Medical Approvals

San Diego, CA – July 15, 2008 - Lambda has expanded its already successful SWS series of single output AC-DC power supplies with the introduction of medically-approved 1000W units. The new SWS1000L can be supplied with the choice of a 5V, 12V, or a 24V output. The 24V model has a peak output power of 1224W. Lambda will extend this series soon to offer more output voltage selections between 3.3V and 60V. The SWS1000L models have a 4kVAC input to output isolation and low leakage current (<300µA) while retaining Class B conducted and radiated EMI performance. These high voltage isolation and low leakage specs are requirements of the medical safety standards per EN/UL60601-1; making these supplies ideal for applications such as automated pharmaceutical dispensers, blood analyzers and gene/DNA analysis equipment.

The operating temperature range is from -20 up to +74ºC. In addition, these supplies feature a low-temperature start-up capability with a 100% load, as low as -40ºC; making these a reliable choice for systems that experience extremes of temperature such as outdoor mounted equipment including LED displays/signage, automated toll booths and traffic controls. In addition, these power supplies feature a temperature-controlled fan, which minimizes acoustic noise (up to 8 dBA less than competitive units) under typical operating conditions. This feature makes the SWS1000L ideal for powering indoor systems, beyond medical or laboratory equipment, such as automated self-serve kiosks, automatic test (ATE), factory automation, and mechatronics.

Each model accepts a wide input range of from 85 to 265VAC, making them compatible with global power standards. The SWS1000L features a wide output voltage adjustment range of up to +/-20% to accommodate non-standard system voltages, while an external voltage programming feature (1 to 6V input) enables the supplies to be adjusted remotely from 20% to 120% of its nominal output voltage on most models. This unique feature allows the SWS1000L to be used as an inexpensive bench or laboratory power supply.

Other important features include a 12V@ 0.1A auxiliary output, fan fail alarm, DC output good signal and active current sharing for paralleled connected units. Lambda has included protections for over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature conditions. The SWS1000L series is CE marked and carries UL, CSA, EN60950-1, EN60601-1, UL60601-1 and EN50178 safety approvals and complies with MIL-STD-810F for vibration and shock. All models conform to EN55011-B, EN55022-B and FCC-B for conducted and radiated EMI as well as EN61000-4 immunity and EN61000-3-2 Class A power factor and harmonic distortion specifications. The SWS1000L series are available now and priced from $460 each in 50-unit quantities.

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