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Central Semiconductor’s 70V Schottky diode in the tiny SOD-923 package

Hauppauge, NY USA – October 15, 2008 – Central Semiconductor Corp. announces the release of the CMAD6263 in the tiny SOD-923 surface mount package. This device is a 70V, 15mA Schottky diode with a maximum VF of 410mV at 1.0mA, typically measuring 395mV. The reverse leakage current typically measures 98nA at 50V with a maximum limit of 200nA.

The SOD-923 is the world’s smallest surface mount package and utilizes 55% less board space than the SOD-523 package. In addition, the maximum profile (height) of the SOD-923 is 0.016 inch (0.41mm) being 48% lower than the SOD-523, making this package ideal for today’s ultra thin electronic products. The maximum overall dimensions are 0.026 inch (0.65mm) x 0.043 inch (1.1mm) with a power dissipation rating of 100mW and an operating temperature range of -65°C to +150°C.

The energy efficient CMAD6263 is ideal for portable hand held battery powered products including: cell phones, Smart phones, digital cameras, test equipment, and analyzers. Circuit applications include: DC-DC converters, voltage clamping, protection circuits, or any application where an ultra tiny low leakage diode is required.

The CMAD6263 is available in bulk or 8,000 pieces on Tape and Reel. Pricing starts at US$0.068 each for 8,000 pieces on Tape and Reel. Sample devices are available upon request. As a longstanding and reliable world class discrete semiconductor manufacturer, Central Semiconductor welcomes the opportunity to service design engineers’ special requirements.

Specifications for this new device can be found in the New Products / Latest Updates section of Central’s website at



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