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Central Semiconductor Update - CMLDM7003 SOT-563

CMLDM7003 SOT-563  

Dual, 50V, 280mA
N-Channel MOSFET
with built-in ESD protection.


The Central Semiconductor Corp. CMLDM7003 is a dual, N-Channel Enhancement-mode MOSFET with built-in 2kV ESD protection. This device has two isolated 50V, 280mA MOSFETs with transient voltage suppressors across the source and gate of each device as an added protection against high voltage transient conditions. The rDS(ON) of the device is 3.0Ω at a test condition of ID=50mA and VGS=1.8V.

The CMLDM7003 is packaged in the tiny surface mount SOT-563 case with a low profile of less than 0.6mm. This package utilizes 62% less board space than the SOT-23 and is the perfect choice for small portable battery powered electronic products. The CMLDM7003 is ideal for cell phones/smart phones, MP3 music players, medical test equipment, bar code scanners, PDAs, and notebook computers.

Maximum Ratings: (TA=25°C)
VDS = 50V
VDG = 50V
VGS = 12V
ID = 280mA
IDM = 1.5A
PD(1) = 350mW
PD(2) = 300mW
PD(3) = 150mW
TJ, Tstg = -65 to +150°C
TJA = 357°C/W

(1) Ceramic or aluminum core PC Board with copper mounting pad area of 4.0 mm²
(2) FR-4 Epoxy PC Board with copper mounting pad area of 4.0 mm²
(3) FR-4 Epoxy PC Board with copper mounting pad area of 1.4 mm²


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  • Sensor and detection circuits.
  • Relay and lamp driver circuits.
  • Small motor control circuits.
  • Gate driver for thyristors.
  • Ideal for small battery powered electronic products.
For more information on this product, contact Central Semiconductor Corp. at 631-435-1110

Central Semiconductor manufactures leading edge discrete semiconductors and is always eager to explore design engineers' requests for special requirements. Specifications for this new device can be found in the New Products / Latest Updates section of Central’s website at


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