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Kycon Adds LED Series to Modular Jack

San Jose, CA – Kycon continues to increase its modular jack offerings by including a tab down option with built-in LEDs. Introducing the GSLX and GSLGX, combining the functionality of Kycon’s RJ45 modular jacks with the signal capabilities of independent LEDs mounted within the jack housing. The expanded series allows for greater design flexibility for such applications as telecommunications, networking systems (hubs, switches, routers and gateways), security systems, and multi-media set top box applications.

The single and multi-port RJ45 right angle connectors with LEDs are offered as non-shielded or fully shielded, with various optional grounding tabs for superior panel grounding and EMI/RFI protection. The LEDs are located at the bottom of the connector and offered in a variety of single color LED options for easy inspection of system activity.

Now in its 21st year, Kycon’s commitment to excellence in products and service remains evident in Bishop’s top-rankings for customer satisfaction. While continually broadening their product line, including customized solutions, Kycon maintains unwavering focus on quality, world-class service and support. For more information or to build your product part number, please visit Kycon’s website at



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