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CIT Relays & Switches - Lead Time Notice


Lead Time Notice

In a recent e-mail to all CIT representatives and distributors, we advised that CIT has had a significant increase in lead times for many of our products. While we want you to be aware of the increase of lead times (6 to 26 weeks), we would also like you to note the following:

  • CIT competitors are quoting longer lead times and in some cases significantly longer. Some of our competition is quoting up to 58 weeks on certain style relays.

  • Through process improvement and increased automated production we anticipate our lead times will drop to our standard 10 to 12 weeks with ocean freight and 8 weeks with air freight in the next few months. We have already applied these processes to our J850 Series with great success. Lead time on the J850 Series is around 4 to 8 weeks.

  • We have spent the last 6 months in a proactive state. CIT has initiated manufacturing for hundreds of thousands of dollars in safety inventory for our customers.



CIT RELAY & SWITCH, a division of Circuit Interruption Technology, Inc., manufactures a broad array of automotive, telecom, security, industrial and audio relays and switches in thru-hole, panel, and surface mount styles. CIT RELAY & SWITCH products are supported by a worldwide network of distributors and sales representatives. For more information about the CIT RELAY & SWITCH KG Series DIP Switch or any of the CIT switch or relay products, contact:

1152 Highway 10 NE,
Minneapolis, MN 55432.
Phone: 763-535-2339
Fax: 763-535-2194




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