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Valpey Fisher Product Notice - VFOV600 - OCXO Performance on a Budget


HOPKINTON, MA – April 12, 2010 – Valpey Fisher Corporation introduces the VFOV600, the newest addition to its OCXO product line. The VFOV600 utilizes AT-Cut crystal technology to provide excellent performance at prices below conventional oven oscillators.

At 600 milliwatts the VFOV600 consumes significantly less power than most standard OCXOs. It is built in a space saving DIL 14 pin package and generates frequencies up to 100MHz. The VFOV600 has stability performance of Stratum 3 or better and has a phase noise floor of -160dBc/Hz.

“Our customers are demanding higher performance in smaller packages and at a lower price” said John Fortune, Director of Sales and Marketing at Valpey Fisher. “Since 1931 Valpey Fisher has been providing leading edge oscillators for our customers and the VFOV600 is great addition to our family of high performance, cost saving solutions.”

About Valpey Fisher:

Valpey Fisher is a pioneer in the design of high accuracy subsystems used in digital and optical telecommunications systems in use throughout the world for digital voice, data and military communications. The Company’s products enable communications systems vendors to increase network data capacity and improved voice and video quality. Valpey Fisher manufactures precision low-noise timing modules used in Point to Point Radio, Satellite, Base Station, Test & Measurement, Microwave Communications and Synthesizers. The Company’s major customers include Alcatel-Lucent, Blade Networks, Juniper, Harris, Raytheon, BAE Systems and Broadcom Corporation.




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