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Panasonic Product Discontinuation Notice


June, 2010

Product Discontinuation Notice

Please be advised that the following relay products will be discontinued in 2010. For details such as affected part numbers and schedule (last time to buy), please refer to the documents below.

Discontinuations Listing (Excel spreadsheet)

AGC (VS and IC Units)
ALZ (LZ) relays, TMP type
CM relays, PC board type
CR relays, All types
CV relays, Micro 280 plug-in type and PCB type
CY relays, All types
DS relays, 2 Form C 1.5V DC type
DS relays, 2 Form C 1-coil latching type
EP relays, 60A type
NC relays, latching type

Please note that discontinuation is in response to low market demand. Sales data will be provided by our Account Development Group for follow up.
(Reference No: T-1169)

Any questions, please contact your local Panasonic Electric Works Sales representatives.



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