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CIT Relay & Switch News - JC Series Illuminated Pushbutton Switches


July 22, 2010

Minneapolis, Minnesota – The versatile JC Series is a high quality switch offering a variety illuminated package styles to fit nearly any design requirement. With bi-colored LED combinations in blue, green, red, yellow and white, the JC series offers an internal snap-action mechanism providing long lasting, quick make and break momentary or latching contacts. Single color LEDs are three segment and bi-color include six segments offering uniform lighting. Offering laser etching with multiple style choices and numerous color choices – the combinations are endless!

Specifications: Electrical rating is 500mA @ 24VDC. Electrical life is 10,000 cycles. Contact resistance is <50mW initial. Dielectric Strength is 1000Vrms minimum with Insulation Resistance of >1000MW minimum. Actuation force is 200 ± 50gF and Actuator Travel is 2.2 ± .01mm. Operating and Storage Temperature is -40°C to 85°C.

Materials: Actutator cap and body are poly carbonate. Housing and terminal base are UL94V-O polymide. Contacts and terminal options include gold or silver plating. Epoxy sealed terminals block out flux and other contaminates. RoHS Compliant.

Lead-time averages 4 to 6 weeks. Pricing is dependent on option choices and quantity. Contact us directly for a quote and sample to solve your pushbutton switch needs.

Typical applications of the JC Series switch include industrial, medical and audio equipment, telecommunications and test equipment.

CIT RELAY & SWITCH, a division of Circuit Interruption Technology, Inc., manufactures a broad array of automotive, telecom, security, industrial and audio relays and switches in thru-hole, panel, and surface mount styles. CIT RELAY & SWITCH products are supported by a worldwide network of distributors and sales representatives. For more information about the CIT RELAY & SWITCH JC Series Illuminated Pushbutton Switch or any of the CIT switch or relay products, contact:


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