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Central Semiconductor New Product Press Release - CSHD10-100C 10A, 100V, Schottky Rectifier in the DPAK package designed for solar panel applications

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June 3, 2011

The Central Semiconductor CSHD10-100C is a Silicon Schottky rectifier designed for surface mount high voltage applications requiring a low forward voltage drop. This device consists of two 5 Amp Schottky rectifiers in a common cathode configuration.

• High Current (IO = 10A total)
• Low forward voltage (VF = 0.8V @ 5.0A)
• Low leakage at high temperature
(IR = 20mA @ TJ = 100°C)

• Solar by-pass diode
• DC-DC output rectification
• Reverse polarity protection

• Energy efficiency
• Elevated temperature performance
• Single, dual or parallel configurations

Samples are available upon request. Central Semiconductor manufactures leading edge discrete semiconductors and is always eager to explore design engineers' requests for special requirements. Specifications for this new device can be found in the New Products / Latest Updates section of Central’s website at

Central Semiconductor Corp.
145 Adams Avenue,
Hauppauge, New York, 11788
Phone: 631-435-1110
Fax: 631-435-1824


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