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Phoenix Contact - Highlights Newsletter 2011


Highlights Newsletter 2011


Lean Managed Switch

The LMS (Lean Managed Switch) is a compact, powerful and economical managed Ethernet switch with 5, 6 or 8 port options. Support of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) and easy Web Based Management capability are standard features.

These features make the LMS the ideal solution to add network configuration capability, remote monitoring and diagnostics, and integral IT compatible network redundancy to applications where the use of managed switches may previously have been cost prohibitive.



Quickon Fast Connection Technology

Phoenix Contact offers Fast Connection Technologies for field cabling and device connectors with convenient, easy, fast and secure cable connections for signal, data and power cables.

Push-In / Spring Connection

  • Tool-free direct plug-in
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for stranded and solid conductors

QUICKON Connection

  • No stripping required
  • No special tools required
  • Suitable for stranded conductors

PIERCECON Connection

  • No stripping required
  • No special tools required
  • Suitable for stranded conductors




Electrical power is distributed through out the facility from the service entrance to the sub panel. Each location has different requirement for surge protection such as surge handling capabilities and short circuit current ratings. Remote sites must be able to withstand extreme level of surge energy while keeping the voltage level under equipment specification. Protection is available for:

  • Remote site
  • Service entrance
  • Sub panel

For more information, please refer to the TRABTECH - VAL-SQ product line.




The universal MACX MCR-UI-UI-UP analogue isolating transducer covers more than 1,600 signal combinations in the field of MCR technology. It is therefore equipped for all tasks in the field of analogue signal isolation and conversion.

Thanks to its comprehensive approval package, the wide range supply and the technical features, new application options are attained in markets with requirements such as functional safety, universality and short response time.

The MACX MCR-UI-UI-UP can be operated actively or passively and is also available with pluggable spring-cage terminal blocks.




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