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JST Corp - 2011 Micro USB now available from JST


2011 Micro USB now available from JST

There are 3 versions of this SMT Connector:

  • Standard SMT Mount - sits on top of board
  • Reverse - the shield is actually reversed from the standard version
  • Mid Mount - sits in the cutout of the motherboard

It saves 50% in space over the Mini USB which we have as well and it will accept a minimum of 10,000 mating cycles.  We are all hearing that the designs need to be more compact so show the MICRO as well as the MINI.

Samples are readily available in the Sample Room and 3D drawings are on the JST website.

Available for download:

Contact JST at:

North American Headquarters
JST Sales America, Inc.
1957 S. Lakeside Drive
Waukegan, IL 60085 USA

JST Corp. detailed contact information



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