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Phoenix Contact Update - Highest system availability with QUINT ORING redundancy modules


Decouple redundancy modules and monitor outputs of power supply units connected in parallel, ensuring maximum availability for your systems.

Phoenix Contact has the right solution available for your requirements:

  • STEP DIODE and QUINT DIODE for easy decoupling
  • TRIO DIODE for decoupling and monitoring
  • QUINT ORING for decoupling, monitoring, and controlling

Decoupling, monitoring, and controlling with QUINT ORING

The active QUINT ORING redundancy modules permit the implementation of the most intelligent of solutions:

  • Monitoring the total redundant solution, including the output voltages of power supply units, the wiring, the decoupling device, right up to the load current
  • Detection and communication of critical operating states, such as incorrect wiring or defective cables
  • Can be obtained as 2 x 10 A or 2 x 20 A versions with input voltages of 18 to 30 V DC

The new QUINT ORING redundancy modules with ACB technology
Zoom: The new QUINT ORING redundancy modules with ACB technology The new QUINT ORING redundancy modules with ACB technology


ACB technology for maximum system availability

The newly developed Auto Current Balancing (ACB) technology of the QUINT ORING devices doubles the service life of your redundantly operated power supply units by utilizing both power supply units to the same extent.

The modules work with Mosfet instead of the conventional Schottky or silicon diodes. These regulate differences in the input voltage of up to 300 mV. The load current is automatically distributed symmetrically.

This can result in up to 70 percent energy savings in comparison with conventional solutions. The "Redundancy OK" and "ACB OK" floating signal contacts are used for function monitoring.

QUINT ORING modules in the product catalog

Further information about QUINT ORING with ACB technology



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