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Samtec Announcement – 1mm Discrete Wire System


Samtec is expanding its Discrete Wire interconnect product family with a new 1mm (.0394") pitch system.

The S1SS Series female Discrete Wire Cable Assembly features a dual beam contact system for reliable, micro rugged applications. The S1SS Series mates with Samtec's T1M Series Terminal Strip that is shrouded to ensure proper alignment and polarization. The T1M Series is available in both vertical and right angle configurations. The mated right angle Cable-to-Board system has a low .114" (2,90mm) profile off the board.

The S1SS/T1M Series 1mm (.0394") Discrete Wire system is available with:

  • 28 and 30 AWG wire
  • Single row
  • Single or double ended configurations
  • 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 or 20 contacts as standard
  • Gold flash or Tin plating

With release of the 1mm (.0394") S1SS Series, Samtec has a complete line of Discrete Wire products which includes the high reliability Tiger Eye system on .050" (1,27mm) and 2mm (.0787") pitches, Power systems on .100" (2,54mm) pitch - Mini Mate .165" (4,19mm) pitch - Power Mate, 5mm (.200") and 6,35mm (.250") pitches - PowerStrip.

These Discrete Wire products are available with a variety of latching systems, cable gauges, cable types, pin counts, and row options, and are available as assemblies or components. Tooling is also available.

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