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Thin Film Technology Corporation - PCN for EOL of DL1L5*K delay line series

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PCN for EOL of DL1L5*K delay line series

All DL1L5*K parts, except those in current inventory, will no longer be available to order after December 31, 2012.

TFT is eliminating the manufacturing of its DL1L5*K delay line series. These products are not planning to be replaced by a new part number.

The delay line families affected by this change include the products starting with the following prefixes :

DL1L5*K - Where the * = can be one of the following letters W , X, Y, Z, O or numbers 3, 4, 5.

All last time orders for these parts must be placed before the December 31, 2012. All parts ordered must be delivered by March 31, 2013.

All products currently in stock will be available until the stock is gone . The MOQ of 100 pcs will be enforced unless the remaining stock is less than 100 pcs.

If you have any further questions regarding this issue please contact your TFT Sales Person or Customer Service Representative.


Thin Film Technology Corporation
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N. Mankato, MN 56003
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