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Samtec Announcement – Introducing the Eye Speed® HD System, HDLSP Series


Samtec’s new Eye Speed® HD System offers the greatest bandwidth and port density available for applications that need to pass high speed, multi-lane signal buses over copper. The HDLSP Series is a very robust interconnect. Sporting die-cast metal shells and a true two-piece interface, the result is a rugged connector with higher cycle-life and excellent Signal Integrity.

To maximize port-density, we offer a low profile, dual-port, vertically stacked receptacle for efficient I/O panel use. Features on the receptacle housing enable tight side-to-side spacing, so the PCB-edge can be heavily populated. Simple detent latches prevent struggles with buried tabs or buttons.

Features of our HDLSP Series include:

  • Each port offers 48 signal pairs
  • 32 AWG micro twinax, low skew cable
  • Standard 1- or 2-meter assemblies
  • 6.44 GHz/12.88 Gbps performance at 1 meter
  • Usable in both 85Ω or 100Ω environments
  • Supports PCI Express® Gen-2 & -3 and HyperTransport 3.0 signaling

Eye Speed® HD cable assemblies are ideal for use in high speed processing equipment for networking, datacom, medical, analysis and supercomputing applications. Chosen by the HyperTransport Consortium for their latest HyperTransport 3.0 (HT3) networking Standard, Samtec’s HDLSP Series is currently being used in the development of next-generation 3-D server clusters used for cloud computing.

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