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Thin Film Technology Corporation - Thin Film Technology Introduces Miniature BGA Resistor Networks

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Thin Film Technology Introduces Miniature BGA Resistor Networks

North Mankato, MN (January 9, 2013) - Thin Film Technology Corporation, a Minnesota based manufacturer and distributor of passive electronic components has announced the introduction of their miniature BGA resistor networks. Amongst the smallest BGA resistor networks on the market, the 3.2mm x 1.2mm networks provide for up to 5 resistors in it's standard configuration. Customization of the schematic layout allows for different layouts, including dual Pi attenuators in a very small footprint. Standard tolerances of the thin film based networks include resistance tolerances to ±0.25%, resistor ratio tolerances as tight as ±0.25%, TCR's as low as 10ppm/°C, and TCR tracking as tight as 2ppm/°C. The standard 10-ball BGA configuration allows for significant space savings when compared against standard wrap-around termination networks or discrete components.

This new miniature series is a great compliment to the many other precision resistors networks that Thin Film Technology offers including BGA and wrap-around electrode style networks. All of the resistor networks produced by Thin Film Technology can be offered with or without resistor ratio and TCR tracking. Resistor ratio and TCR tracking provide for even tighter tolerances and guarantees resistor matching from one resistor to the others within a network, something that many of Thin Film’s competitors do not offer.

For further information about these networks as well as information on Thin Film Technology’s entire product line, please visit their website at, or call the factory at (507) 625-8445.

About Thin Film Technology:

Thin Film Technology was incorporated in 1979 and has served the electronics industry with a steady supply of specialized as well as high volume standardized components for more than thirty years. Based in Minnesota in the United States, with manufacturing facilities in the US and Asia, Thin Film Technology utilizes their highly skilled sales and engineering teams to manufacture and sell to a global marketplace with cost competitive pricing.

Thin Film Technology Corporation
1980 Commerce Drive,
N. Mankato, MN 56003
Tel: 1-507-625-8445
Fax: 507-625-3523


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