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CIT Relay & Switch News - AD Series Illuminated Pushbutton


AD Series Illuminated Pushbutton

AD Series offers a complete switch solution for all your panel needs, including home keys. Long total travel of 4.5mm (standard) for AD01 or shorter travel of 3.5mm on the AD02 have an actuation force of 250 +/- 50gF. Contacts with gold plating assure high reliability and long life of 5,000,000 operations typically.

Available with red, green, yellow, blue and white LED color choices with six bicolor LEDs and custom RGB LEDs. The RGB LED full color spectrum provides unlimited color combinations.

Compact design with numerous combinations of diffuser, semi-transparent and transparent cap options offer design flexibility in your applications. Pad printing and laser etching colors and styles make this versatile switch a must-have for designers.

Direct Link: pages/Switches/AD Series.pdf



10.0mm Square
Sculptured Actuator

The AD Series offers four square sculptured actuator options : 10.0mm, 12.0mm, 15.0mm and 17.4mm.



Home Key

The multiple cap and color options include the Home Key, shown here with the standard white diffuser.



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