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NIC Components -New Power Inductors from NIC Components



New Power Inductors from NIC Components
Shielded Surface Mount Power Inductors

NIC Components is pleased to announce additions to our magnetics lineup with the introduction of 2 new series and size expansions to current NIC series.

NIC Components is well known for its lineup of performance passive components including high current power inductors. The additions of these series and sizes increase the available options in inductance, current ratings, and size restrictions giving the engineer more options for their latest designs.

Information on each new additions is listed below. At, all new products are listed on the NIC Magnetics Page, Product News, and searchable through the NIC QuickBUILDER.


NIC NPIS_A Series - High Current Power Inductors

  • Ferrite Based Compounded Construction
  • High power handling capability & Small Loss
  • Uses large saturation induction of MnZn metal
  • Cross & Replace Cyntec PCD, Pulse PA Series

View all NPIS_A Series Part Numbers

NPIS_A is as an active series and suggested for New Designs.

  • Inductance Range: 0.07uH ~ 0.51uH
  • Min. DCR: 0.32mO
  • Max. Temp Rise Current: 48A


NIC NPIS_E Series - Shielded Power Inductors

  • Product fit between NPIS_LS and NPIS_D Series
  • Solid Ferrite Shielded for EMI vs. NPIS_LS resin
  • Higher saturation current ratings
  • Cross & Replace Coilcraft LPS, Sumida SRR Series

View all NPIS_E Series Part Numbers

NPIS_E is as an active series and suggested for New Designs.

  • Inductance Range: 0.3uH ~ 1500uH
  • Min. DCR: 9mO
  • Max. Temp Rise Current: 7A


NIC NPIS_H Series - New NPIS29H Size Option

  • Addition of 10mm heigh NPIS29H Series
  • Inductance Range 1.0uH ~ 3,300uH
  • DCR as low as 5.5 m? Isat up to 20A
  • Focus on higher current & robust requirements

View all NPIS29H Part Numbers

NPIS_H is as an active series and suggested for New Designs.

  • Inductance Range: 1uH ~ 3300uH
  • Min. DCR: 5.5mO
  • Max. Temp Rise Current: 12A


Technical Support: For additional support please contacnt NIC TPMG

View a complete list of contact information for NIC Components.


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