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Total low cost for this Surface Mount Audio Alert Make them a lead candidate for disposable consideration.

Particularly useful for design applications where small size, low cost and possible end user disposal are key considerations, Transducers USA’s new Model TRSIE-11XX is a standout for use in considerations, such as medical portable field service units, consumer usage material and any of a myriad of other portable needs spanning a plethora of industrial and telecommunication markets.

Coupled with the low piece part cost TRANSDUCERS USA has added packaging to reduce the cost of production with high speed low tape and reel packaging.  This will allow the user to get the lowest piece price without adding high cost insertion.  Reels are available in various sizes depending on the application needs.

The model TRSIE-11XX is an internal drive electro-mechanical, ultra small, surface mount audio alert unit measuring a mere 12x12x6mm. It provides a sound output of 90dBA minimum at a frequency of 2400 ±500Hz and is available in two voltage specifications of either 5 or 12 VDC @ 15 or 20 mA respectively. The operating temperature range is from -30 to +70C. Packaging is flow solder compatible plastic sealed housing. The tape and reel packaging is available on request.

Current pricing is being quoted as low as $.69 ea. in lots of 5000 pieces, with delivery quoted at from stock to 6 weeks ARO depending on quantity requirement. Requests for samples, as well as for detailed specifications and specific quantity/price quotations should be addressed to Transducers USA’s main office and warehouse located at:

Transducers USA
1400 Howard Street,
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Tel.: 1-(888) 921-6400
Fax: (847) 956-1950


Transducers, USA markets an extensive line of piezo buzzers, ceramic elements, speakers, receivers, microphones and ultrasonic sensors and emitters to the telecommunications, medical and specialized product industrial markets throughout North America. Most of their products are certified under ISO-9002 with many having ISO-9001 and/or QS-9000, and are manufactured in modern facilities in Taiwan, China and Korea.


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