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Phoenix Contact Update - Compact monitoring relays - Saves space and can be wired quickly!


The compact EMD-BL product line is ideal for simple monitoring tasks - especially in building installation and series production.

The EMD-BL monitoring relays from Phoenix Contact can be used to efficiently and reliably monitor current, voltage, and phase parameters. Thanks to the push-in technology, they can be connected to the modules quickly, directly, and without tools.

The advantages for you:

  • Especially space-saving - thanks to a compact housing in the installation design
  • Can be wired quickly and without tools - thanks to push-in technology
  • User-friendly handling - parameters can be adjusted easily on the front of the housing using rotary switches
  • Clear diagnostics - with status LEDs
  • Ideal for series production - a reasonably-priced solution for numerous monitoring functions
  • Rapid installation of the voltage and phase-monitoring relays with a power supply from the measuring circuit

The cost-effective monitoring solution
With the EMD-BL compact monitoring relays, you can monitor important system parameters of your application. Detect critical discrepancies early, report them, or shut system components off selectively.

You can choose from four device types:

  • Current monitoring, single-phase: overcurrent, undercurrent, window
  • Voltage monitoring, single-phase: undervoltage, window
  • Voltage monitoring, three-phase: window, phase sequence
  • Phase monitoring: phase sequence, phase failure, asymmetry


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