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API Delevan - Now Offering Harowe Resolver Products

API Delevan  

API Delevan, a world class manufacturer and designer of magnetic components for RF and power applications, announced that it will be expanding its product portfolio to include the well-known Harowe brand of resolvers.

Used by manufacturing and design engineers to provide highly accurate feedback of position, speed sensing and pole detection for motors, Harowe resolvers excel in applications where high reliability and durability is required, such as high temperature high vibration extremes, oily and dirty environments and other harsh environment extremes.

The Harowe brand offers a wide range of standardized and custom solutions of frameless resolvers from size 10 through size 55, along with housed resolvers ranging from standard-grade size 8 to heavy-duty industrial-grade size 25.

We are excited to provide our Aerospace & Defense, Medical, Oil & Gas, Space and other harsh environment customers, with more of a one-stop shopping experience by further broadening our product portfolio" said Kevin Heffler, General Manager of API Delevan. "Our API Harowe operations have been manufacturing resolvers since 1978, and are a perfect complement to add to our broad base of Delevan brand products. By opening our API Delevan channel with resolvers, our customers will now be able to receive all of their magnetic and feedback products from one source" continued Heffler.

Harowe brand resolvers are used extensively in aircraft, machine tools, medical systems, motors, and robotics. Other typical resolver applications include throttle positioning for jet engines, fin actuation systems, down hole drilling systems, medical CRT and IMRT systems, aerial camera systems, and missile & space launchers. Resolvers are also commonly used in commercial applications; plastic forming, food processing, and steel, paper, and textile mills. In addition, the company has extensive experience in customizing resolvers to meet application specific needs, such as extra high temperature (225° C) or radiation-hardening.

API Delevan, an ISO9001:2008 & AS9100:2004 certified company offers the world's largest selection of magnetics, including industry standard devices, circuit solution devices and application specific devices.

API Delevan offers full engineering support and is always available to assist with your design, assembly and circuit testing needs.

To download a detailed Harowe Resolver data sheet click here

API Delevan
270 Quaker Road,
East Aurora, New York, 14052

Phone: 716-652-3600
Fax: 716-652-4814



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