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EPT Announcement – flexilinkjumper: Board-to-Board Connector for LED applications


Key Features

  • Operational current: 8 A
  • Small footprint design
  • easy processing without soldering
  • Variable 2 or 4 mm pitch
  • Pin counts from 2x3 up to 2x10 available
  • The use of spacers allows all board thicknesses of 1mm and up
  • Reliable connections through press-fit technology
  • Cost saving


  • LED
  • Rugged environments


flexilinkjumper is a versatile board-to-board connector innovative due to its flexibility and small footprint design combined with a high operational current.

A gap of 1 mm between the ends of printed circuit boards and a needed footprint of only 3.6 mm per pcb allows maximum utilization of board space and makes this connector suitable for many applications, e.g. "chaining" LED boards.


The height of the connector itself is only 2 mm. By selecting spacers this connector is suitable for all board thicknesses starting at 1 mm. The pins are designed for 1 mm holes according to ept hole specifications.

flexilinkjumper is extremely easy to process due to ept's Tcom press®.

The connector will be available in pin counts starting at 2x3 up to 2x10. The distance between rows will be 2 or 4 mm depending on the assembly.





About ept, Inc.

ept is a connector manufacturer providing products to the Telecom, Automotive and Industrial electronic marketplace with over 30 years of expertise in press-fit technology.

ept's product line includes connectors for DIN, cPCI, PC/104 and PC/104-Plus, AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA and the new COM Express and CoreExpress architectures.

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