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JST Product Highlight - XAF Series


JST is pleased to announce the release of the XAF Series. The XAF is the IDC version of the very popular XA Series.

It mates with all existing XA headers in sizes 2~6, 8, 10 & 20. The wire range is 26~22 AWG. There is an optional retainer that covers the IDC termination area.


Like the HR Series, the IDC contacts feature a "true" insulation support crimp which wraps around the insulation, thus meeting the latest insulation crimp requirements.


Download the Product Information Bulletin (PIB), Test Report and Customer Handling Manual: JST XAF Series PIB

GAL/GAM has a fully automatic BCD machine for production of single and double ended assemblies.

Contact JST at:

North American Headquarters
JST Sales America, Inc.
1957 S. Lakeside Drive
Waukegan, IL 60085 USA

JST Corp. detailed contact information



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