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JST Product Highlight - USB Type-C Connector


The USB Type-C is the next generation USB standard which was defined by USB Implementers Forum as a I/O connector for note PC and Ultrabook.

The connector enables support of high speed transmission 10Gbps Max. and providing power supply 5A Max.

The greatest feature is a reversible plug orientation that enables insertion without minding up side down of the plug.

Target Markets
Note PC, Tablet PC, DeskTop PC, etc.

General Specifications

  • No of circuits : 24 circuits (2 rows or 12)
  • Current rating :
  • 1.25A/Pin(DC) Vbus & GND & CC1 & CC2 circuits
    0.25A/Pin(DC) Others circuits
  • Voltage rating : 20V AC/DC
  • Temperature : -25°C~+85°C
  • (including temperature range rise in applying electrical current)

Compact Size


Selecting resin with consideration of Halogen

Easy assembly:
The connector depth 8.8mm enables space saving and aligning connector and edge of PCB. This is easy assembling into the chassis.

Robust structure:
Outer cover shell with soldering at one time enables the protection against scooping insertion and withdrawal connector.

Contact leads:
Contact leads are DIP type for front side and SMT type for rear side. This is excellent performance against impact by inserting. JST

Contact JST at:

North American Headquarters
JST Sales America, Inc.
1957 S. Lakeside Drive
Waukegan, IL 60085 USA

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