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API Delevan - C0603 Series of Wirewound Chip Inductors

API Delevan


API Delevan  

API Delevan Announces the Launch of the C0603 Series of Wirewound Chip Inductors for use in Commercial Applications.

The miniaturized chip inductors are manufactured and tested in the USA for a high level of reliability, and are offered in inductance ranges of 1.6 nH to 390 nH. The C0603 series features ultra-high Self Resonant Frequencies along with Q factors of 13 to 38, which provide stable inductor performances into the multi GHz range.

Designed with high-temperature ceramic cores and magnet wire for excellent temperature stability and mechanical ruggedness, the new C0603 inductors are rated for an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C and are AEC-Q200 Grade 1 compliant. The series is available with Gold terminations for use with epoxy bonded or solderable applications.

"By leveraging our extensive aerospace and defense experience, API Delevan is able to satisfy a growing market need for value-based, high reliability inductors in an ultra-small package size that are designed for commercial applications." said Kevin Heffler, General Manager of API Delevan. The C0603 joins API Delevan's growing portfolio of miniaturized chip inductors, which already includes a Space rated version. A high reliability 0603 version, for use in critical applications, is also currently in development and will be released later this year.

Features and Benefits

  • Small package size to minimize board space
  • High-temperature Ceramic Cores & Magnet Wire provide excellent temperature stability and mechanical ruggedness
  • High Q & Ultra High SRF values enable stable inductor functionality into multi GHz range
  • Low AC & DC resistance, minimizing voltage drops and dissipated power to increase efficiency
  • AEC-Q200 Grade 1 Temperature Compliant
  • Manufactured and tested in the USA by an AS9100 certified company for a high level of reliability

Sample and production quantities of 1 to 10,000 pieces of the C0603 inductors are now available direct from the factory or via our authorized distribution channel.

To view and print a detailed C0603 datasheet click here

To request API Delevan's free Product Portfolio or individual product line literature click here


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