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Phoenix Contact Update - TMC 8 The do it all UL 489 Circuit Breaker


Are you looking for a circuit breaker that can do it all?

TMC 8 is the new UL 489 DIN Rail Mounted circuit breaker from Phoenix Contact. The series comprises of 1p, 2p and 3p thermal-magnetic circuit breakers (MCBs) rated at 120/240/277/480 VAC and 60/125 VDC with a 10kA short circuit current rating.

Do you want to minimize your stock? TMC 8 is the one circuit breaker do it all, only 1 part number for all voltages (AC/DC)!

The TMC 8 series is Phoenix Contact's line of UL Listed 489 breakers and is ideal for a wide array of applications, from machine building, oil and gas, and water/wastewater, to energy, transportation, and telecom. With multi-pole options, our breakers can satisfy a variety of needs while safely protecting your equipment and systems from overcurrent disturbances.

Trip-free design

With safety a key priority, our innovative breakers incorporate this feature to open during an overcurrent event, even if the switch is held closed.

Snap-action mechanism

Everyone wants a product with an exceptional life span. This design inherently creates a longer-lasting product by eliminating contact welding and reducing contact wear and pitting.

Flexibility in innovation

Not only do the TMC 8 series breakers come in 1-, 2-, and 3-pole options, each one also comes in B-, C-, and D-curve options to ensure the proper trip speed based on your end devices. There are also a variety of accessories to further increase your system's functionality including an auxiliary contact, alarm contact, and shunt trip. Our breakers can also be bussed together utilizing our cuttable UL Listed busbar.



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