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API Delevan - Improve Shielding Performance and Reliability with API Delevan's Flexible Ferrite Absorbent Material

API Delevan  

Improve Shielding Performance and Reliability with API Delevan's Flexible Ferrite Absorbent Material

Our FFAM series of ferrite sheets and our FFAT series of ferrite tubing improve shielding performance and reliability, reduce device thickness, and provide high permeability and low losses for RFID or NFC devices.

Used primarily for suppressive applications, the amount of noise that is absorbed at higher frequencies is proportional to the resistive component of the permeability. The operational frequencies can range from below 1 MHz into the GHz range, making it ideal for a multitude of commercial applications like Wireless Power Charging Stations, RFID and NFC antennas, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet Computers and peripherals, Consumer Electronics, Mobile and Smart Phones, Wireless Equipment and Shielding Boxes.


Improved performance of RFID/NFC antennas in mobile devices, such as smart phones, laptops, notebooks and tablets.

Suppression of radiated noise on PCB's and IC's from both internally and externally generated sources out to the GHz band.

Improved performance of Wireless Charging Antenna Systems in both the stationary charging station and mobile devices.

Effective shielding of antennas and RF circuits from the reflection and eddy currents induced by metal surfaces.


Provides effective EMI suppression in a wide frequency range (1MHz to 18GHz).

Changes the magnetic flux path to avoid interference with other components.

Reduces the eddy current when magnetic flux is close to metal.

Ultra-thin and extremely flexible, it can be freely designed into or arranged in available space and is easy to apply. Peel and stick, non-conductive adhesive backing (UL Recognized) available.

Effective in preventing resonance and suppressing coupling.

High surface resistance (106 ohms).

Can be cut to any shape easily with a knife, razor or scissors to quickly implement into custom designs.

Much easier to handle in production systems than rigid plates.

Useful in a broad range of temperatures and environments.

RoHS Compliant.

FFAM Ferrite Sheet Series datasheet

FFAT Ferrite Tubing Series datasheet


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