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Samtec 12G SDI Connectors Performance Demonstration at NAB 2017


Chris Shelly, Samtec's RF/SI Modeling Engineer, walks us through one of two 12G SDI live demonstrations at NAB 2017.

This product demonstration showcases live Return Loss testing of different connectors series per the SMPTE ST-2082-1 12G SDI single channel 4K /UHD requirements. The demonstration highlights the custom launch design that successfully allow even the more challenging right angle connector configurations to perform at this high level.

With PCB terminated RF connectors, the design of the launch (the transition from the connector to the trace on the board) is critical to the ultimate performance of the RF connection. Samtec offers custom launch design services to assure the best possible performance of our RF PCB connectors when terminated to our customers' specific PCB stack and construction. The specific PCB stack dimensions and all materials utilized in the construction of the PCB, including all prepreg and core materials used, the specific weave types of each, and any solder masks etc., are needed in order to perform these services. Got questions? Contact the RF Technical Group.

These services are available to optimize the performance of any of our BNC, HDBNC, DIN or other 75 ohm series of PCB terminated connectors for your particular PCB stack up, regardless of materials and thickness.


12G SDI RF Connectors

Samtec offers the largest variety of high-performance interconnect solutions for 12G-SDI applications, including right-angle orientations to support high-performance broadcast video system integration. Focus products include BNC Right Angle, BNC Edge Mount, and HDBNC Right Angle.

High Speed Interconnects For The Broadcast Video Industry

SEARAY™ Open Pin Field Arrays feature a 1,27 mm x 1,27 mm pitch grid for maximum grounding and routing flexibility.

The FireFly™ Micro Flyover System™ is the first interconnect system that gives a designer the flexibility of using micro footprint optical and copper interconnects interchangeably with the same connector system. FireFly enables chip-to-chip, board-to-board, on-board and system-to-system connectivity at data rates up to 28 Gbps.

Samtec's Flyover™ QSFP Systems provide improved signal integrity and architectural flexibility by flying critical high-speed signals over lossy PCB materials and directly to the panel via ultra low skew twinax cable.

ExaMAX® High-Speed Backplane connectors enable 28 Gbps electrical performance on 2.00 mm column pitch, and they meet and exceed OIF CEI-28G-LR specification for 28 Gbps standards. In development are direct mate orthogonal, backplane cables, and coplanar headers.

Samtec has a complete line of High-Speed Mezzanine Interconnects, including systems with integral ground planes, rugged and high-speed contact systems, high-density arrays, and ultra-micro pitch products.


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