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Real World 28 Gbps Connector Demonstration

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The 28 Gbps Product Demonstrator is an active system that showcases Samtec interconnect products at 28 Gbps and beyond.

In this brief video overview, Scott McMorrow, Samtec's CTO of Signal Integrity Products, and Brian Vicich, VP of Engineering, explain that it was designed to showcase Samtec's products, along with the engineering capabilities of Samtec's Teraspeed Consulting Group, Active System Group, and the Signal Integrity Group.

Real World 28 Gbps

Samtec 28 Gbps Product DemonstratorThe 28 Gbps Product Demonstrator is a small version of a real system. It uses active retiming devices at 28 Gbps, for short reach and medium reach channels, and it incorporates most of Samtec’s 28 Gbps products.

This demonstration is different from those of other connector suppliers. Many of those demonstrations preferentially showcase one or two differential pairs in a channel through one connector or cable assembly.

The demonstrator concurrently generates 80 PRBS31 signals at 28 Gbps. Each signal passes through one or more Samtec connectors, and we measure bit errors, signal amplitude, and eye patterns, all in real-time.

The 28 Gbps Product Demonstrator is a fully packaged system that uses modern, real-world signal integrity design practices, automated design processes, and shows multiple IEEE 100 G channels passing through Samtec mezzanine and Flyover™ products.

The embedded code is written in C, with the same code used in all seven boards, regardless of type. This handles all of the on-board components, including memory and the MoSys MHS222 and MHS110 retimers.

The system fully exercises a backplane with all channels operating simultaneously with worst-case random patterns on the backplane.


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