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Transducers USA Introduces New Line Of Water-Resistant Input/Output Audio Components

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Volatile weather conditions, humidity, dirty and dusty environments, as well as exposure to or immersion in water, are all conditions that can cause the failure of electrical components. Transducers USA offers a unique selection of input and output audio devices, which are IP rated to be waterproof and dust tight. These components are ideally suited for wet applications, such as bilge pumps, sump pumps, marine instruments or any other outdoor or indoor wet applications.

The input electret microphones are omni-directional, IP-57 rated, 2VDC, with an operating frequency range of 100 to 20KHz and Signal-to-Noise ratio of 60dBA. Output impedance is 2.2KΩ and the operating voltage is 2.0VDC @ 0.5mA within a temperature range from -20° to +70° C. Their small size makes them ideal adjuncts to mobile radio, transceivers, remote speaker microphones, outdoor headsets, public safety microphones or for any equipment where components need to withstand harsh environments.

KECG2742WBL-25LA has a 6mm diameter and is 2.7mm high; it accommodates wire termination

KECG2742WBL-25LH has a 7.8mm diameter and is 2mm high; it accommodates a wire, connector or holder mounting.

The output audible signal devices include four models:

KPEG-267 - IP-67 rated, 25.6mm dia. x 16mm h, output is 85dB @ 30cm, operating voltage is 6-14VDC; generates a continuous tone frequency of 2.8 KHZ at -30° to +85° C in up to 3 feet of water

TRKPE-243 - IP-67 rated, 14mm dia. X 9.5mm h, output is 80dB @ 30cm, operating voltage is 9-16VDC; generates a continuous tone of 5.0 KHz

TRIP-365 - IP-65 rated, 26mm dia. X 37mm h, output is 85dB @ 100cm, operating voltage is 5-28VDC; generates a continuous tone of 3.0 KHz at -30° to +85° C.

TRIP-8012LA - IP-65 rated, 24mm dia. X 22mm h, output is 97dB @ 30cm, operating voltage is 6-18VDC; generates a continuous tone of 2.7 KHz at -20° to +80° C

For more information on water-resistant input/output components from Transducers USA, please visit:

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