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Samtec FireFly™ Routes Data over PCBs in New Guzik ADP7000 Series Digitizers for 5G NR


October 18, 2017 By Matt Burns

As consumers, no one ever complains that their wireless connectivity is "too fast". Global wireless carriers and network providers continue to push the limits of 4G LTE, but a next-generation wireless standard - 5G New Radio (5G NR) - is on the horizon.

5G technology will be 100x faster than current 4G LTE solutions currently on the market. While some early adopters will see 5G rollouts in late 2017 and early 2018, large-scale deployments are planned for 2019, a year earlier than anticipated.

5G solutions providers - wireless carriers, chip providers, base station OEMs, device makers and others - are feverishly developing 5G-compliant equipment. The 5G communications test market, of late, has seen lots of activity.

Guzik ADP7000 10-bit Digitizers

Guzik 5G NR digitizerGuzik Technical Enterprises recently announced the ADP7000 series of AXIe modular digitizers with combined signal processors. The digitizers feature proprietary, high-performance 10-bit ADCs with sampling rates up to 2x32 Gsa/s and analog bandwidth up to 10 GHz.

The ADCs are combined with the DSP functionality of next-gen FPGAs, 128 GB of acquisition memory and real-time streaming Optical Data Interfaces (ODI). This new test platform offers unprecedented fidelity, speed and processing capability required by 5G NR wireless communications, in one standard package.

Key features of the ADP7000 series include:

  • FPGA-based reconfigurable DSPs with up to Real-Time 32 Gsa/s processing speed
  • Up to Real-Time digital full band frequency and phase response equalization
  • Real-Time digital down conversion DDC with frequency and phase response equalization option
  • Real-Time data streaming to external devices via ODI
  • High-speed data transfer to host CPUs/GPUs for fast signal processing


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