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RTAN Moisture Proof AEC-Q200 Compliant Precision Chip Resistors


RALEIGH, NC (May 8, 2018) – Stackpole's RTAN series moisture proof AEC-Q200 compliant precision chip resistors are now in stock. The RTAN has many popular resistance values currently in stock in the 0805 and 1206 sizes in 0.1% tolerance and 25 ppm/TCR. The RTAN series withstands biased humidity testing at 85°C, 85% relative humidity, 10% rated power with very little resistance shift. In addition the RTAN anti-sulfur materials and design is such that it will pass the rigorous ANSI / EIA-977 (method A) standard sulfur test, with minimal resistance shift.

The RTAN is available in tolerances as low as 0.05% and TCR as low as 10 ppm. This precision robust performance is an ideal choice for instrumentation, aerospace, test equipment, industrial controls, portable communications diagnostic equipment, and portable medical devices.


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