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Notice to Customer re Tariffs

July 6th 2018

To Our Valued Customers

Re: Tariffs on China July 6th 2018

With the impending 25% Tariff that United States has imposed on China for all Electronic Components entering the US, Utech Electronics should not be affected but we are receiving resistance from several USA suppliers that have stated they will NOT file for Draw backs on goods exported from the USA that were imported from their factories in China. In addition they will not allow direct shipment into Canada to avoid the tariff.

Utech has formally written all US Suppliers (Manufacturers) stating that Tariffs are NOT part of Canada and should be treated as an international export. All tariffs paid by the US are their responsibility to file for Draw Backs under

Please be advised that Utech will do everything in its power to minimize said Tariffs from the USA, with the limited number of Manufacturers that this will affect. Utech Electronics will not pass on any tariffs in the interim until Utech has a full disclosure from Manufacturers identifying the original Country of Origin (COO). Any additional Charges imposed from said tariffs after Aug 15th that are NON recoverable will be passed on to Customer.

Best Regards

Chris Riley V.P. Sales


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